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Maha is a Middle Eastern Belly Dance artist and instructor located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Belly dance performances and belly dance private lessons available in Toronto & the GTA.


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Maha has been drawn to performing arts all her life. Since she was young, she engaged herself in dance and music. It was a natural thing to do coming from a family of singers and musicians. Maha began her formal training in Victoria, B.C with Aiewa School of Cultural Dances under the direction of Christina Bates. After finishing her degree in anthropology, Maha traveled to Turkey and Egypt to undergo intensive dance studies. In 2007, Maha spent a year in Montreal to undertake studies with her teacher and mentor, Hadia. Maha has completed all 3 levels of Hadia’s Teacher Training program in addition to her Professional Dance Training program. While in Montreal, Maha founded Maha Bellydance Dance school and was a regular performer at La Menara and La Gazelle.

In 2008, Maha came to Toronto to be a full time faculty member at Hannan's Bellydance Studio and student troupe director for the Sultanettes. Maha has also been a member of and choreographed for Alhambra Dance Company, a flamenco/bellydance fusion dance company.

Building an impressive resume, Maha has hundreds of performances under her belt in addition to a gold medal in the 2007 AQDO competition, a performance for the Turkish Ambassador, and Egyptian Super star Dina. In 2010, Maha was a featured performer at the International Bellydance Conference of Canada(IBCC).

In Toronto, Maha has been a regular performer - everywhere! She has been a regular dancer at fine establishments such as Tabule Middle Eastern Cuisine, Anatolia Turkish Restaurant, Aladdins Palace, Ambrosia, Zanobia, Rayhoon Persian Eatery, and the Carasauga Turkish Pavilion.

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Considering bringing an exciting and energetic addition to your event or establishment? Maha is a sought out performer who is available for your event.

Restaurants, Parties, Weddings, Festivals, Corporate Events, Night Clubs, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bachelorette Parties, Concerts, Christmas Parties, Galas...etc.

What's involved in a bellydance show

The first part of a show begins with an exciting veil or Isis wing entrance. The second part typically involves audience participation (especially if there is a guest of honor!) and is always fun and tasteful. If you prefer to sit and enjoy a show with no audience interaction, just let Maha know. The show finishes with a lively drum solo. Shows frequently involve the use of cane or finger cymbals. Shamadan can be performed by request for an additional fee.

All music is provided by Maha on a CD and may be composed of Arabic, Turkish, or Greek songs (both classical and modern) as suitable for the event. If an Arabic band is already provided, Maha can probably dance with them. If musicians or more than one dancer are required, Maha can help you with that.


The best length of time for a show is 20 mins; however, depending on the event, the show may be lengthened or shortened. Much time beyond 20mins may be over kill and wont be appreciated by your guests. If your event requires a longer performance, please call for a consultation. Adding a second show in the evening is another option to consider if you would like more entertainment.

Want to know more? View hiring Maha FAQs: Client side of things: Hiring a Bellydancer FAQs

*Please note that Maha and her affiliate dancers do not perform at bachelor parties or all male events.

Bridal Showers, Bachelorettes, Girls Night

Combine a brief performance with a lesson at your bridal shower or bachelorette! This combination takes 40mins-1hr, depending on the size of the group. Smaller parties (less than 30 women), up to an hour lesson works well. For larger groups, a shorter lesson is suggested followed by a fun bellydance contest for the remaining time. Contact Maha for suggestion on how to make your bellydance performance/lessons a great time for you and your guests!

Maha will priovide some hipscarves for guests to wear. Performance & Lesson combination is done on location at your event.


Bellydancers at weddings is common among certain Middle Eastern cultures. Maha is an experienced wedding entertainer and appreciates the signifigance of your special day. Bellydance shows are high energy and are great for getting the party started. Therefore, the best time for a bellydance show is anytime after dinner to later in the evening. Bellydancers will typically dance with the bride & groom together and then some of the guests. If you would prefer Maha not to ask you or your guests to dance, just let her know in advance.

Maha will only dance at weddings where both the bride & groom are happily anticipating a bellydance show. Guests or family may hire Maha as a gift for the bride & groom so long as it is not a surprise.


Zeffas may include props such as shamadan, cane, and finger cymbals.

The cost of the Zeffa is the same cost of a regular show. To combine a Zaffa with a bellydance show later in the evening, please contact Maha. For multiple dancers and/or musicians, please contact Maha.


Location Maha Only Maha + One Dancer Maha + Two Dancers
Downtown Toronto $250 $450.00 $550.00
Outside Downtown Toronto
(East York, North York, Etobicoke, York and West Scarborough)
$275 $550.00 $625.00
Greater Toronto Area
(Pickering, Mississauga, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, South Brampton, Woodbridge/Vaughan, East Scarborough)
$300 $575.00 $675.00
***Outside Greater Toronto Area
(Halton Hills, North Brampton, Oakville, King City, Whitby etc)
$350 $600.00 $725.00
Weekly Nightclub or Restaurant $150 - $200
Monthly Nightclub or Restaurant $200 - $300

*Add 50% for New Years Eve & Christmas Eve or Day

Distance beyond ***Outside Greater Toronto Area is subject to a $50 per half hour travel time.

Booking Policy, Contract, & Payment

Booking Maha requires a 25% non-refundable deposit and an agreement to the terms and conditions stated on the contract. Deposit can be made by paypal, credit card (MasterCard or Visa), cheque, or cash. The balance is due the day of the performance. Payments accepted for the balance are as follows: cash, paypal (in advance), cheque (corporate only, no personal cheques).

How To Book

1. Email or call Maha (text is ok too!) and let her know the location of the event, date, and performance time.

2. Maha will email you a booking agreement, which looks like this: View a sample PDF contract

3. A 25% deposit is required to secure the date and time. Deposit can be made by cash, cheque, credit card, paypal, or email transfer. The balance is due the day of the event.

Photo & Video


Maha Bellydance photo - Bellydance Toronto Maha Bellydance photo - Bellydance Toronto Maha Bellydance photo - Bellydance Toronto Maha Bellydance photo - Bellydance Toronto Maha Bellydance photo - Bellydance Toronto Maha Bellydance photo - Bellydance Toronto Maha Bellydance photo - Bellydance Toronto


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Learn to Bellydance

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Sorry, there are no group classes being held at this time. Contact Maha about Private lessons. Please read on the Private Lessons tab first.

Private Classes

Private classes and Semi Private classes are an excellent way to get feedback and instruction on technique and choreographies that students cannot get in class. It is recommended to take a few a year as a supplement to weekly classes. For students wanting to achieve a high level of mastery of the art form or become professional, private lessons are necessary. Privates can be taken instead of weekly classes for out of town students or for those who cannot schedule a regular weekly class.

*Lessons must be paid in full in advance to secure studio & Maha's time. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, paypal, or credit card.

All Privates are 1hr long and cost:

  • 1 student - $90 (HST Included)
  • 2 students - $100 (HST Included)
  • 3 students - $110 (HST Included)



Class Descriptions

Intro to Bellydance

This class is a beginner class to introduce you to the movements of bellydance. Students learn both the fundamental elements of bellydance technique and basic steps to get you moving and dancing. It is recommended to take this class 1 – 3 times before the beginner class; however, it is not a pre-requisite to join the beginner class.

Beginner Level 1 / Level 2

This beginner class moves at a slightly faster pace than the Intro to Bellydance. While the fundamentals are covered, students will learn a larger repertoire of movement as it is expected that students repeat this level as many times as needed before being ready to move to the intermediate class. Choreography, veil, music, folklore, history, and cultural aspects related to Middle Eastern dance are introduced at this level.


When students have mastered all the beginner movements and can successfully sequence them together with ease, they are ready for intermediate. Intermediate level technique is taught in addition to learning a lot more about music and genres of styling within Middle Eastern dance. Choreography, history, sagat (finger cymbals), veil, folklore, and introduction to improvisation are learned at this level. Students are intermediate indefinitely until they are ready to move on to the advanced class.


At the advanced level, students learn advanced Oriental technique & choreography. Building on the Intermediate level, it is at this level that students learn the most about musical interpretation and improvisation skills. Advanced students are expected to demonstrate excellence in Oriental and the folkloric styles they have learned. Advanced is a precursor to becoming a professional bellydancer.

Specialty Topic

This class will give a sampler of a variety of topics within Middle Eastern dance (though sometimes we make a stop to Turkey). The class may be folkloric, technique, or choreography based. It is recommended for all levels of dancers, though occasionally the topic may be more tailored for intermediate or advanced dancers.


Payment - Payment can be made by credit card (Master Card or Visa), email transfer, paypal, cheque, or cash. At the studio only cash or cheque can be accepted. Cash only for drop-ins. Classes are non-refundable.

Missed Classes - Missed classes can be made up by attending another class within the same session. Missed classes cannot be extended beyond the session.